Threshing Wheat and other Lost Skills

Threshing Wheat

P1050345-AThere is a great article over at Rural Revolution where they are talking about threshing wheat. Patrice makes a great point about the difference between book knowledge and practical knowledge. I know many of you are experienced Ham operators and familiar with how to communicate. Some of our folks our new Hams and may need some help.

What skills does a new Ham have the you might need to pick up some practical knowledge? We are fortunate to have a large footprint when the mighty 27 is on the big tower and there is a diverse skill set. Here in an hour we are going to have our weekly Emergency Prep net at 9:00 and I encourage you to join in and let us know what lost skill that you may need to learn. Don’t forget to let us know what skill you may be able to share. We all need to get Doug to share his home brew skills, perhaps for more than just consumption.

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