SOPAKCO Ham Radio Prep Discount

Sam and the team at SOPAKCO have very graciously provided special pricing to ham radio operators. Here’s Sam’s quote from her email to me:

As we discussed SOPAKCO understands the importance ham radio operators play during major events when all other forms of communications are down and many times they are the first and/or only type of communications for first responders and between those coordinating rescues and services to those hit hardest.

Because of this we offer our wholesale pricing to ham radio operators and we do not require a minimum order quantity. I do recommend though, if there are several in a particular area, if they can combine their orders to ship multiple cases at a time that they check to see if they can save on the shipping cost. Sometimes the shipping cost can be as much as $20+ a case.

Thank you for your work and let me know if you have any questions or if you need any further information.

Sam Phillips-Smith

Because this is their distributor rate, they have asked us to not distribute this pricing unless we have vetted those looking to purchase. If interested in receiving this pricing, provide your name, address, and call sign to Domingo Rogers. Please email: domingorogers at gmail dot com


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