Few Good Hams Needed!

Few Good Hams Needed

For anyone that is looking to help spread the world of Amatuer Radio and help out fellow preparedness minded people than Saturday April 13th is your day. JARS is putting on a special demo for the fine Patriots of the Swift Creek Minute Men. Plan on heading to Kenly, NC and KD4WIY himself may talk you in on the Mighty 27 repeater.

This is a great event where there will be Patriots, firearms, Ham Radio, and food all in one place. There is no place better to be on a Saturday. Hope to see you there! Please use our contact form if you have any questions.


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  1. As the founder of SCMM, I wish to thank you guys for all you did to help us out at our Ham Radio Get Togeather!

    Yup, Radios, Food, Fun and Fire arms were enjoyed by all! But that’s just how SCMM rolls, Y’all.

    I can personally attest and brag on you, that your classes were VERY helpful preparing for the test. You guys made the cold written material alive, interesting and real via the hands on experience.

    6 out if 7 of our candidates at SCMM passed our tests last Saturday in Smithfield. (3 tech and 3 gen)

    Come fall we plan to have another push for Ham Radio licensure. Probably around the time of your JARS-fest.