Raleigh Gun Show

A few words on the Raleigh Gun Show I attended this weekend. First, the accidental discharge of a shotgun on Saturday sent 3 folks for medcal attention. The person responsible violated several safety rules and in doing so could have easily killed someone. The rules are there for a purpose and to some extent back each other up. It’s possible Gary Wilson, who brought the gun, was not familiar with firearms and simply made some mistakes. The bottom line is learn and follow the safety rules that I will post AND if you are not familiar with a particular firearm then don’t handle it. If you can’t prove to yourself and others that it is unloaded then you shouldn’t touch it. In the military it’s referred to as ‘clearing’ a weapon. You open the chamber, look inside and show another person that it’s empty. It’s then safe to handle. You still follow the remaining rules like not pointing the muzzle toward anyone AND finger off the trigger. I see examples of very bad gun shop behavior by people who ask to see a handgun and clerk clears and hands over the gun the customer rests their finger on the trigger and swings it around with the muzzle sweeping past people. Someone behind the counter my not mention this, they don’t want to embarrass a potential customer, but the knowlegable people are noticeing. I have been to public shooting ranges where the behavior of others has caused me to pack up and leave. Learn the rules and obey them. Others will respect you for it. Anyone who belittles you for following firearms safety rules is probably next in line to be on the news for accidentally dischargeing a firearm in the Jim Graham Building. BE SAFE

Back to the gun show now. The short version is the admission line was the longest I’d ever seen. It went 3/4 around the entire building. Also, ammunition was in very short supply as was some reloading supplies. My recommendation is that if you are considering buying a firearm now is not the time to shop for a bargain. If you find what you want in stock I would buy it. If you find magazines for the gun you want buy them too and ammunition as well. If you buy ammo and magazines but can’t find the gun then the ammo and mags are EASILY traded away. I’m afraid if you shop around to save $20 on a $600 purchase you will find the display cases empty. Dealers will not be inclined to haggle in this market. Good Luck

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