NC Senate Bill 364


NC Senate Bill 364
has has been introduced in the North Carolina Senate to curtail use of
mobile communications while driving. There is no language in the
current draft to exempt Amateur Radio. This is of tremendous concern,
much like a similar bill enacted in Delaware without an Amateur Radio
exemption. It became technically illegal to operate mobile in Delaware
until an Amateur Radio exemption was later added as an amendment.

You are urged to send the following suggested email draft to your State
Senator. Time is of the essence. Now is the time to alert your State
Senator that an Amateur Radio exemption is needed. Please insert you
name and contact information in the draft email (see below) and forward
it to your State Senator. To find your State Senator, see representation/ WhoRepresentsMe.aspx Thanks to
Bill Morine, N2COP, ARRL Roanoke Division Vice Director, for providing
this information!

TO: The Honorable
NC Senate District

RE: Amateur Radio exemption in SB 364, the Brian Gorlack Act

Dear Senator

On behalf of North Carolina’s 20,000 federally licensed Amateur Radio
operators, I am writing to ask for your consideration to insert in SB364
an exemption for Amateur Radio operators. Amateur Radio operators, or
“Hams” as they have been nicknamed for the past century, have a
long and rich history of public service in times of disaster. A
strategic partner with North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) and
NGOs like North Carolina Baptist Men’s Relief, Hams have been
deployed as recently as Hurricane Matthew to aid affected North
Carolinians. Amateur Radio is a volunteer, tax-free resource and
service, saving the state millions of dollars if their services had to
be replicated commercially. The NCDOT recognizes Amateur Radio
operators as First Responders, and issues license plates, which
designate them as such. Much of what Hams accomplish in public service
must be done while mobile. The safety record of Amateur Radio use while
mobile is pristine. Please insert an Amateur Radio exemption in SB364
so Amateur Radio operators can continue to be a tax-free service to the
State of North Carolina and its citizens. I am grateful for your


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