Protect your Heat Pump / Air Conditioning Compressor with your Home Alarm

Here are two relatively unknown but pretty smart items for protecting your HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) compressor from theft. You MUST already have a home burglar alarm and these devices connect to your HVAC system and your alarm system. The Whip monitors the refrigerant pressure in the system and alarms if the lines are cut and the pressure drops. The Copper Watcher does the same BUT also monitors the system voltage and will alarm if the service disconnect (power) is pulled and is smart enough to recognize a neighborhood power outage and not alarm. I am in the commercial alarm business but we do not do residential systems, I’m only passing this along so you can add it to your existing system if you are interested. Crime in this area started and continues with theft of copper coils and wire but now thieves are stealing the entire compressor to sell to dishonest Heating and Air installers. These are not cheap and the price and installation would need to come from your alarm contractor.

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