Non Lethal Defense

Non Lethal Defense

Do not forget this upcoming Wednesday is the Non Lethal Defense talk at McCall’s BBQ and Seafood. This is being taught by a certified Instructor (Shep) and covering Pepper Spray and Tazers. This is a great time to fellowship with like minded individuals and learn about non lethal defense.

Join us this Wednesday August 26th.

Location: McCall’s BBQ and Seafood Clayton,NC

Dinner is at 6:00 PM

The Class will start after dinner. Please note that McCall’s graciously allowing us the use of their meeting room for this event so please plan on paying for your dinner to help them.

We certainly appreciate McCall’s and Shep for putting this event together. Please bring your loved ones as this is not just limited to Amateur Radio Operators. This should help everyone with non lethal defense.


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  1. Please make sure to select the Clayton location from the link. Certainly do not want anyone to show up in Goldsboro