Is Ammunition In Short Supply?

I stopped at the Dunn/Erwin Walmart yesterday with the intention of buying some 12 guage buck shot. I wanted a case but all they had was 1 box of 5 shells. The clerk scanned the box to check order status and said “We have several cases on order” then she paused and said “but the warehouse shows out”. Also 22 Long Rifle ammo is usually available by the 50 round box and some bulk pack with around 350 to 400 rounds. The store had about 5 types of 22LR in the 50 round boxes but the only bulk packs were 1600 round CCI Minimag copper plated Round Nose for $98. I did buy the 1600 round box and the last box of 12 guage buckshot to put away. I like CCI 22 ammo and get very good results from it. I DO avoid Remington 22 ammo. My Ruger 22/45 pistol gets about a 1 to 2 percent misfire rate with Remington.
Those of you who know me know that I reload/remanufactor most of my ammunition but that option is not available for 22 Rimfire so store purchase is the only option. I also reload 12 and 20 guage birdshot but buckshot is more difficult and I’d rather just buy it. Also, for me, buckshot is a self defense round and for self defense situations, including conceiled carry weapons, I believe that factory ammo is best. Not because of reliability, reloads properly done are at least as reliable as factory ammo and possibly even more reliable. I’ve heard of reloads causing legal  complications if used in self defense.  We saw the same shortages 4 years ago at election time.

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