How do different generations view preparedness?

How do Different Generation View Preparedness

Reading a pretty interesting article about how there are currently six generations alive today and how the different generation view preparedness. There is no doubt that we all have different viewpoints, skill sets, and enthusiasm levels. One of the best things of amateur radio is the ability for differently minded people to come together to share a hobby.

Lifestyle-characteristicsThinking just a little bit about the other person and their viewpoints can make a big difference. There is a huge difference in perspective from someone that was born before the end of Word War II and someone born since Jimmy Carter has been a former President. The unique thing that ties us all together is the love for amateur radio, however we must remember that not everyone is as enamored with your subject as you are so we must be respectful.

Given the differences of everyone’s perspective and environment it is amazing to see the differences in preparedness mindsets. Chances are if you either were alive or descended from someone that experienced the Great Depression or World War II then you have a much greater chance of having knowledge of people that would be labeled preppers today. In a lot of cases they were scraping by the best  they could or were putting things up for the rainy times. What I have seen is that the farther we get away from the lessons learned 70-100 years ago the more reliant we seem to have become.

What are your thoughts and observations? Feel free to tune in tonight at 9:00 PM on the Jars repeater at 147.27 and share your commentary.

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