Homebuilt AR-15

I’ve finished my 80% AR-15 and when I say finished I mean completed and painted. The finish is Duracoat Olive Drab. This is the second time I’ve used Duracoat. The first time was a 2 part mix applied with an airbrush. This time I used the Shake and Spray can which has the two parts separated within the can. You push a button on the bottom of the can which released the hardener within the can. Shake it up and apply just like any other spray paint. Duracoat is impressive stuff. I coated 2 AR Lowers and and a 30 Cal suppressor. It’s the toughest sprayed on finish I’ve ever seen. It’s also quite expensive at about $30 for a standard sized spray can. Even at that price I’ll be happy to use it again. As for the Lower, it’s only been dry fired but I have no reason to believe it shouldn’t function perfectly. The lower was from aresarmor.comIMG_20140408_204209_760

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