Is there a downside to preparedness

Downside to Preparedness

If you are new to being prepared or even trying to convince someone that has not started is there a downside to preparedness. As our great net controller, which we have missed lately cause his real job is getting in the way of his hobbies, likes to say we are preparing for anything from a two day power outage to a Zombie apocalypse. What happens if all the stars align, your rabbit foot pays off, or you are blessed and nothing happens. Have you really lost anything.

I am reminded of one of the huge benefits to being prepared every time I hear our substitute net controller, which by the way JJ is doing a superb job, as one of the things that his preparedness had done is allow him to operate full time off of solar power. That alone is a remarkable achievement and I think shows one of the benefits. That is a great practical skill that he might not have achieved unless he thought about operating without power. It not only saves him money, but he actually is harvesting a free resource.

There are also others that have caught on and our preparing for the worst but still gaining practical knowledge and a can not be matched breakfast ingredient. Just ask Harley how much he has learned already and why he waits on eggs instead of filling the proverbial chicken bucket alluded to be the infamous BJ.

There are many different reasons one should be prepared and I am interested in hearing from any of you that can come up with a reasonable reason that there is a downside to preparedness. Tune in tonight on the Mighty ’27 at 2100 and chime in. Looking forward to it already myself.


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