Camping and Survival

It is Tuesday and I am already looking forward to tonight’s prep net on the mighty blow torch. I was reading on about a company moving down from New York to Sanford. Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to stop in can visit the store.

I talked to the owner Tony for quite a while and encourage anyone that is looking for some camping or survival stuff to visit as they most likely have what you need. He mentioned to me that he took the technician class last year, but was out of town for the exam. We need to ask him when visiting when he will get licensed as he would be a good resource.

baconHe has a varied background and mentioned they will be having some demo days and manufacturers visit their warehouse for some specials. I even saw professionally canned bacon for the first time. Among his long term food storage and MRE’s he also had a lot of fish meds in stock.

Looking forward to hearing you on the radio tonight at 9:00 PM on the AK4H repeater as we have our weekly rag chew about preparedness. Whether you enjoy listening on your radio, scanner, or even echolink it is a check in driven net so if you have your technician license or higher feel free to hit the PTT button. If you have not gotten your ticket yet please let us know what we can do to help.


Camping and Survival — 2 Comments

  1. Great net tonight! As I said on the net I prefer wood stoves. The fuel is literally everywhere, so there is no need to carry fuel. Even if you look at pictures after a tornado, the one thing that is EVERYWHERE is wood debris. The J. Falk bushwhacker stove is a great choice. Its cheap, and performs well. Also, if you want to use an alcohol stove as a backup, it will work in conjunction to the this stove. Check out the Bushwhacker Wood Burning Stove here.

    Get the plans here (They used to charge for the plans, but do not any longer) :

    This is a gasifier stove so there is little to no smoke, and it is very fuel efficient. There is a video to give you a better idea as to what this will do for you. This is DIY stove and they are easy to build. Even if you own high end camping and backpacking stoves, this is a great backup. Heck, you might make your trail stove the backup after using it.