Berkey Water Systems

Today I recieved another raffle item to award at the next meeting. It’s a Berkey Water system, link here:
I don’t have any way to scientifically test these but they come highly recommended by everyone who mentions them. The containers are stainless steel and the systems should serve you a few lifetimes with filter replacement. Each filter is good for about 3000 gallons and will actually filter red food coloring from the water. See their website for all the technical stuff. The model that will be given away at the next meeting retails for $228 and includes filters for 6000 gallons of water. You can fill these with pond water and get safe drinkable water out! They are gravity fed, this is both a plus and a minus. The plus is NO POWER is needed and the minus is they might be considered slow by some standards. Right now mine is dripping about 3 drops per second from each of 2 filters. Larger models can use up to 4 filters in parallel to speed the process but just fill the top container at night and in the morning the bottom container will be full of good tasting water with no extra “stuff” in it. See the website for the technical details.

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